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Part # Description Cost
69002-47 Horn, Delco Remy 2 leaf bracket. Original, rebuilt 48-56 S & ST $275.00
69002-47 As above except  4 leaf bracket .  57-59 ST. $285.00
69001-55 Original Yoder , bulb horn, rebuilt, used on the Hummer models. $225.00
69001-55S Original Yoder bulb horn bracket only, with fasteners. $20.00
69020-31 Delco Remy horn front, black. $35.00
69020-31 Delco Remy horn front, chrome. $40.00


71500-36 Ignition switch, cpt. $32.00
71800-26A Horn switch, with screws. $9.00
71840-29 Headlamp, toggle switch, with screws. $12.00
72004-39 Brake light switch.  Chrome $34.00
72004-39 As above, parkerized, correct , new , made here. $39.00


74510-47 Voltage regulator, complete, with mounts $48.00

Please contact us with any questions about your Hummer parts. is a manufacturer of after market, exact reproduction products specifically designed to be used solely on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson part numbers, Harley Davidson product descriptions, and all other terms relating to Harley Davidson are intended as a reference only. Parts and products manufactured by Harley Hummer Parts are not licensed, endorsed, or sponsored by Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson part numbers and descriptions are registered trademarks of Harley Davidson, Inc.  Read our Complete Disclaimer

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