Taylor Classic Cycles is the premier manufacturer of rare, antique parts for Harley Davidson “Hummer” motorcycles.
Everything is US made, in our plant. We are dedicated to exact reproduction of each item.


 Welcome from Duane Taylor, Owner of Taylor Classic Cycles

Most of the parts on my website have been made here in my one man shop, and it has been that way for more than 30 years when I first embarked on restoring a 1948 Harley Davidson 125.  The challenge in restoring these Harley Hummers made from 1948 – 1966 was to find the parts needed to rebuild one.

Because I had a tool and die shop, my solution after many years of swap meets, was to replicate any good original parts I could find.  As word of mouth passed around it became a small business – Taylor Classic Cycles.  Currently I have manufactured or collected nearly every part you may need other than those that are in low demand.

The first item I made was the tool box which required a very deep draw.  After making the dies, I then designed and built a 100K hydraulic press to stamp them out.  There are six different dies just for this tool box.  They were fun to make and have been a very popular item over the years. 

The next major effort was the 48 – 50 fenders, and the years of building roll form machines for the metal roofing industry came in handy.  It took five months to design and build a special machine just to do the fenders, maintaining the precision I feel is important.  They are formed to match the originals with only a minor change in edge finish that makes them much stronger.         

Recently I began making the saddlebags which had never been reproduced to my knowledge.  Research showed that there were four versions of the saddlebags with the first ones used from 1948 through 1953.  I had one original set which was very hard to find.  I now also have saddlebags for 1954 and up along with the carrier for the rear fender.  The hydraulic machine I built to place up to 76 decorative spots is a joy to watch operate, and keeps placement of the spots precise. 

There are over a hundred or more items I make here in Salem, Oregon.  Each item requires dedicated die sets, so the tooling shelves, and my shop, are getting full. 

At the current age of 91 my eyesight is still good so I can keep quality high – understanding that details are important and so are reasonable prices.  My goal is to be sure these beautiful smaller bikes retain their place in the Harley history.  On occasion I may run out of a certain part, but I am adding to inventory every day except on Sunday.  

I hope you enjoy my new website as it was past time for an upgrade.  Please feel comfortable to contact me at duane@taylorclassiccycles.com or 503-485-2190 if you are unable to locate what you need to restore your Harley Hummer!  


Good Luck with your project.
~Duane Taylor         


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